6408 Bay St
West Vancouver, BC V7W
(604) 921-7755

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Category: Fish & Chips
Neighbourhood: Horseshoe Bay

So this is how it works….daughter and I are on a mission.  We love fish & chips.  And we’re scouring the Lower Mainland to find THE BEST.  We will not rest until this is done.  Well we might have to rest occasionally.  And let our pants out from time to time, because this is not for the faint hearted, or small stomached.So we’ve been to Trolls lots in the past.  I seem to recall, pretty much every time I end up there, that I sit there thinking “What is the attraction?  Why do I come here?  Why does this place have a reputation for great fish fish&chips?”  Let us see if we can answer some of those questions.The decor is that of any anonymous diner type place.  Could just have easily have been a Denny’s, an ABC, or the Knight & Day.  You know the place.  The music was too loud.  The only thing nautical was our heavily tattoo’d waiter and he was more of a punk rocker than a salty sea-dog.  The one thing that I remembered about the specialness (is that a word?) of the place was those cute cartooned character sketches of local celebs (or wanna-be’s) that used to grace the walls… remember those?  Well now they are in the bathrooms.  Imagine having achieved some relative stardom at some point in your life that you’d somehow been doodled and immortalized upon the walls of a local landmark.  Later, after a reno, you’re moved to the crapper.  Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be thrilled.  That’s not to say I’ve never been immortalized in the washroom.  There was that time a few years ago when someone wrote my number on the bathroom wall at a local junior high .  I believe it was an ex-girlfriend of my teenaged son, who thought that the cell phone number was his.  Every once in a while some giggly 11-year old would call and ask about “A Good Time”.   I guess not all 11-year olds have heard about call display….  ANYWAY The decor.  bleh.  The food.  bleh.  We tried the chowder to start.  It was like cafeteria chowder.  Tasted like a big metal vat full of potato, fish and frozen veggies.  For the entree we ordered the Seasonal Fish & Chips.  They have cod, or halibut and the seasonal fish is generally the fresh white fish catch of the day.  That day it was some type of Alaskan whitefish.  The fish was decent;  average sized piece, fresh, average batter.  The chips had no taste.  Even salt and ketchup couldn’t save them.  Disappointed.  Overpriced!This place used to be a Landmark.  With a capital L.  Now it’s just a good place to get a coffee while waiting for the ferry, and there’s a few choices for coffee in Horseshoe Bay.

Originally posted to Yelp: 9/8/2009

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